naturally dyed wool rug flower pattern
hand woven wool rug naturally dyed
natural dye rug flower pattern
woman hand weaving rug

Naturally Dyed Wool Rug - Flower Pattern

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This naturally dyed wool rug has been handwoven by Mapuche artisans from southern Chile. Working from home, women dye yarn with plants collected locally before weaving the rugs on a simple, home made loom.  Each rug takes up to a week to complete.

Dimensions: 155cm x 61cm (61" x 24") - dimensions are approximate and may vary by a few millimetres.

100% sheep's wool

Hand wash and rinse in tepid water, do not wring. Dry flat.

Please note: this rug has been woven by a real person, not a machine, and so you may occasionally notice the odd minor imperfection in the weave. This is why we love them - and we hope you do to!

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