meet the artisans

I work directly with the artisans who supply our yarns and textiles. I make regular trips to Chile and visit as many of the women as possible in their own homes, or, in the case of a group, I will meet with their chosen representative, whilst endeavouring to visit as many individuals as possible. I never use agents or "middlemen". 

I am very much aware of the need to build mutual trust with the artisans who spin, dye and weave for us. I am a fluent Spanish speaker and I try to spend time getting to know each of them. I am always on hand to offer advice and support in preparing their goods for export. We develop new product lines together, taking into account their superior knowledge (and wisdom) on all matters yarn, and we share weaving and dyeing sessions so that I may better understand the challenges that they face in meeting my requests.

Here are just a few of our wonderful suppliers:

spinning wool with drop spindle
plying wool with drop spindle
knitting yarn with pompoms
Iselia Pascuala Maria
plant dyed wool by wildwoven
hand dyeing wool pom poms
hand weaving rug
Jessica Cecilia Isabel
weaving needles hand carved
wooden buttons
hand woven baskets from Chile
Jorge Luis Ivonne
chilean weaver
weaver island of Chiloe
indigo dyed cotton yarn
Iris Teresa Daniella
jewellery design argentina
Marcela and Marina