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Vintage Aguayo Pendant - Vibrant Reds

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This exquisite pendant has been made by two jewellery design sisters from Argentina. Marcela and Marina are passionate about preserving the textile heritage of Andean weavers from the north west of Argentina, and they collect scraps of torn or worn out textiles in order to incorporate them into this stunning statement jewellery. These textiles, known as aguayos, are traditionally used by women for carrying their babies on their back.

Each pendant is constructed in distressed alpaca silver*, into which they painstakingly inlay tiny fragments of vintage aguayo textile. Every pendant is therefore unique. 

Pendant dimensions:

  • Diameter - 7cm
  • Depth - 3mm

The pendant hangs on a simple waxed cotton cord. 

  • Cord length - 77cm

*Please note - alpaca silver does not contain silver, but is an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc. This pendant is designed to be worn over clothing, but is not suitable for anyone with a sensitivity to nickel. 

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