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Handwoven Alpaca Shawl - Caramel

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This really is a wrap for all seasons! Whether you are looking for a soft, lightweight cover-up for cool summer evenings,  or a snug extra layer against the winter chills, these beautifully handwoven alpaca wool shawls will add a touch of timeless sophistication to any outfit.  

Crafted entirely by hand by indigenous Aymara women from Northern Chile, every shawl is a unique, one off item. Alpaca fibre for each shawl is spun and dyed individually, and then woven in a design chosen by each weaver. Although contemporary in style, these alpca wraps form part of a long tradition of textile weaving in Andean communities, where alpaca fleece is highly prized for its luxurious softness, durability and superior insulating qualities. 

Today, this skilled work provides a vital source of income for rural Aymara families in this harsh, remote mountainous region. 

100% alpaca wool 

Dry Clean Only 

Dimensions: 61 x 188cm, plus fringe 

Please note, this item is individually handwoven, precise dimensions may vary slightly.  

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