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Naturally Dyed Cotton - Handspun Aqua

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This handspun cotton yarn is great for textured weaves or bulky knits.

The yarns have been prepared for us by a small family-run natural dye studio in PeruTheir aim is to minimise their environmental impact by working with plants and processes that are well adapted to local conditions. 

They work with a variety of cotton known as tanguis, which responds well to the challenging conditions of the arid coastal region and is therefore popular with small scale farmers who do not have recourse to expensive inputs (water, pesticides and fertilizers).  

The long fibres of tanguis cotton are particularly receptive to natural dyes. 

This soft cotton yarn has been handspun by local women. In order to give the yarn stability it has then been plied with a very fine commercially spun cotton yarn. This gives the yarn its characteristic ridged appearance. 

60-80metres /100g

6 wpi (wraps per inch)

100% Peruvian cotton, handwash with care.

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