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Naturally Dyed Merino Wool Tops Selection

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These South American merino wool tops are ideal for handspinning, wet felting, needle and nuno felting projects. 

They have been dyed by Mapuche artisans from southern Chile. Working in their own homes, the women carefully dye the wool rovings using plants and minerals that they collect in the locality of their homes. The wool is dyed in small batches using fresh plant material. Please therefore expect some variations in colour. I believe that this enhances the unique beauty of this naturally dyed product.

Your selection will include six natural dye colours, 10g per colour, totalling 60g.

The wool has been dyed with:

  • Peach - apple tree lichen
  • Bright green - globe artichoke
  • Yellow - matico (buddleia)
  • Brown - boldo (medicinal herb)
  • Olive green - maqui (Chilean wineberry)
  • Grey - bark of nothofagus (southern beech)

Please expect a small amount of colour to bleed from the wool with the first wash. This is simply residue from the plant-dyeing process and does not affect the overall colour fastness of the wool.
The wool used is a merino from Chilean Patagonia.

Care instructions:  hand wash, mild soap

By purchasing this wool product you will be supporting the work of a Chilean fair trade organisation working to secure rural livelihoods amongst indigenous groups living in the Araucanía region of southern Chile.

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